My shop and natural hair product line, KCamilleNATURALS, came out of my own desire to find a product that works for my kinky and dry hair texture. I soon discovered that there is not any “one” product that would meet 100% of my hair care needs. Instead, I discovered that certain “key” ingredients were helpful in promoting strength, moisture, softness, shine and growth. From these discoveries, I started doing my own DIY experimentation using natural ingredients!

My current products are homemade and I offer simple ingredients without the extra chemicals such as parabens or formaldehyde, fragrances or dyes to naturally nourish your glorious halo!

In addition to discussing my own haircare products, I want to continue educating our natural-hair enthusiasts through my DIY experimentations and providing simple and uptodate facts about the science of hair care and natural ingredients including oils, butters, clays, and plants (I will especially tend to focus on the kinkier hair textures such as 4b and 4c).  Along the way, I hope my readers will become well informed and inquisitive!

Of course, no journey is complete without also nourishing the soul. Inspired by my Christian faith and the many people, places and experiences along the way, I hope to also share many other musings as well!