mg_0253Now these are literally “Black Girls Who Rock”!  I never heard of the creative duo Charly and Marguax or Chargaux until a few years ago while visiting a friend in Bean Town.  They’re a violin and viola duo who perform orchestral and electronic work, create visual art, and write string arrangements for studios and films.

Margaux Whitney and Jasmin “Charly” Charles are the two classically trained string duo behind Chargaux.  Both started playing string instruments in elementary school.  Years later, they meet by chance while “Charly” was studying at the Berklee College of Music in Boston.  During a lunch break, Margaux, who was working a corporate job at the time, happened to see “Charly” playing the viola in Copley square and suggested they collaborate.  Since that serendipitous meeting, they have gained popularity working as subway and street performers, uploading youtube videos, and playing gigs.  Their popularity has further boomed after relocating to Brooklyn and contributing their unique sound and talent to various artists, productions and tours.

I love the unique blend of classical instrumentation with the soulful twist of hip-hop and electronic sounds!  I also love to see such talented Naturalistas making a bigger and bigger name for themselves with a truly distinctive sound, raw talent, and uncompromising vision for their music.

Other great works by them include “Margins of Error”, “The Lone Ranger” and “Great Expectations”.  Also the best way to discover more of their work is with a quick YouTube search.  You will find many of their original works as well as wonderful cover works of other artists.

Featured today is one of their original pieces, “All the Parties”, from the body of work entitled The Gallerina Suites.  The cover artwork is also an original creation by Jasmin “Charly” Charles.  Enjoy!



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  1. Love it, Love it, Love it. Thank you for introducing them to us. Mayah and I are going to check out more of their music on Youtube as well.

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