This amazing artist was introduced to me recently and I find her simple and honest lyrics refreshing!  You also can’t beat the reggae under-tone found throughout most of her work.  She has been likened, by some, as the new Lauren Hill!  She has also worked with some well-known hip hop artists.

From Nigerian and German heritages, she was born and raised in the Delta region of Nigeria and moved to Germany at the age of 19 to study at Hamburg University.  During her years of study at the univeristy, she worked on her skills as an artist playing various gigs which even helped to fund her studies.  Possibly, her study of Anthropology at the university is what further fueled her politically and socially conscious lyrics!

To-date, she has released 4 albums including Victim of Truth, No Longer at Ease, Soul is Heavy, and My Fairy Tales released in 2015.

Check out her official webpage for more information: Nneka’s Official Website

Featured today is her song “My Home” from her album entitled “Soul is Heavy”.  Here is an excerpt from her lyrics to this song!

As I wonder through the darkest dark
(dark, dark, dark)
I don’t know what tomorrow will bring

For you say that, who not know how to suffer,
will never see good
Lord, I depend, oh I depend on you
into you

Where do I go when this world forsakes me
Who do I turn to when they put me down
You are my hope, when they all backstab me
You’re my beginning, my middle, my ending
When there’s a hole, in this heart of mine
When they put me down, oh you know
You are my home
My beginning, my middle, my ending
My beginning, my middle, my ending

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